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UniTrane® Fan Coil

City Cool Air, Inc

UniTrane units are individual room air conditioners used in office building, apartments, dormitories, schools, motels and hotels. 

Product Overview

The UniTrane®  fan coil is the leader in these key areas:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Controls
  • Flexibility
  • Quality
  • Serviceability

Energy Efficiency

The exclusive use of Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM) incorporates the latest technology for optimized energy efficiency, acoustical abatement, maintenance free and extended motor life.

Each ECM:

  • has a built-in microprocessor that allows for programmability, soft ramp-up, better airflow control, and serial communication.
  • lowers operating costs on average of 50 percent (versus a PSC motor).
  • has a reduced FLA option that allows the unit to ship with a nameplate FLA rating much lower than a typical unit.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

  • Standard Closed-cell insulation prevents fiberglass in the airstream.
  • Drain pans are non-corrosive, positively sloped, and cleanable to maximize protection from microbial growth.
  • Easy filter access encourages frequent changing.
  • The auto-economizer damper option allows free cooling and ventilation to help comply with ASHRAE® 62—and save energy and operating costs.


  • Available control options:
    • Fan speed control (provided when no control package is selected)
    • Customer-supplied terminal interface (CSTI)
    • Low voltage Thermostat
    • Tracer® ZN520 controller
    • Tracer® UC400-B controller with optional Air-Fi® Wireless Communications Interface
  • All Trane control options:
    • are factory-mounted, configured and tested to minimize field setup and improve reliability.
    • wired with a 24 Vac transformer to keep only a single source power connection requirement to the unit.
    • automatically determine the unit’s correct operating mode (heat/cool) by utilizing a proportional/integral (PI) control algorithm to maintain the space temperature at the active setpoint, allowing for total comfort control.
  • Monitor unit operation using Tracer® TU building management system with Tracer® ZN520 and UC400-B.
  • To customize unit control, Tracer® TU or Rover™ software will allow field modification of Tracer® ZN520 default settings. UC400-B uses Tracer® TU.


  • Two, three, and four-row coils allow greater design flexibility in two and four-pipe systems.
  • One-row steam or hot water reheat coils for dehumidification on units with ZN520 controls.
  • Fan motors are available for either high static, up to 0.5-inch external static pressure, or free discharge applications.
  • Piping is factory assembled, mounted and tested. Units are also available without piping.
  • Reheat coil piping is available on 2-pipe units with hot water reheat coils and either a fan speed switch or Tracer® ZN520 and UC400-B.
  • Control options range from a simple fan speed switch to a DDC controller that can tie into a
  • Tracer® Summit building automation system.
  • An 8-inch extended end pocket is available on the piping end of cabinet style units. An additional 8-inch extended end pocket is also available on the controls end of the cabinet style units.
  • Slope-top vertical cabinet units are also available for school and dormitory applications to prevent items from being placed on top of the units.


  • Coils and piping packages are air and leak-tested before mounting on the fan coil.
  • Coil piping connections are also air and leak-tested after mounting on the unit.
  • All control end devices and moving components (fans and motors) are computer-tested after units are complete.


  • Touch-safe control box.
  • Integrated user interface with real language LED display.
  • Built-in tachometer.
  • Filters are easily removable and changed without removing the front panel on vertical cabinet units.
  • Motors are easy to disconnect from the fan board, allowing easy service.
  • The main and auxiliary drain pans are easily removable and wipe clean with a wet cloth.
  • The manual output test function is an invaluable troubleshooting tool. By simply pressing the test button on the Tracer® ZN520 service personnel can manually exercise outputs in a predefined sequence.
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