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Oxbox Air Handlers

City Cool Air, Inc

Your air handler’s job is to circulate warm or cool air through your home year-round—and that’s a task Oxbox handles with ease. Our air handlers are designed with multiple installation configurations, giving you a variety of options to fit any existing space

  • Oxbox air handlers are adaptable to 13, 14 and 16 SEER models and available with a PSC or ECM motor
  • DOE 2023 compliant models available
  • 1.5 – 5 ton models available
  • ECM models achieve higher ratings
  • Oxbox air handlers offer multiple airflow designs for convertibility: (Vertical upflow/downflow & horizontal left or right)
  • Painted, galvanized steel cabinets resist rust
  • Auxiliary heaters available in 5kw–20kw
  • Dual drainage spouts offer flexibility in installation options
  • Removable front panel and blower and coil assemblies that slide out allow easy access for maintenance and troubleshooting
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