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OptiLine™ Vertical Stacked Fan Coils

City Cool Air, Inc

Model FSG

OptiLine™ Vertical Stacked Fan Coils, from 300 to 1200 cfm, offer the industry’s smallest fan coil footprint for the best solution design for multi-floor apartments, office buildings, hotels and similar applications where floor space is a premium. A single OptiLine unit may do the job that formerly required multiple conventional units. OptiLine provides highly-efficient, quiet performance, in a low-cost maintenance design that building owners, contractors, and facility managers will appreciate. Optiline’s highly-optioned design can handle the most challenging architectural requirements when applications call for no sacrifice in room comfort, design, or appearance. It uses the lowest amount of energy possible for an annual 30 to 50% energy savings.

high btu commercial fancoils

Fits Your Space Requirements

With the smallest footprint in the industry, OptiLine is the optimal solution when livable space is at a premium. Available in six sizes, 300 through 1200 CFM, OptiLine fan coil units can handle the most challenging architectural requirements: retrofit applications and new construction alike.

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Complete Comfort

OptiLine has a variable speed motorized impeller with an EC motor that has been optimized to the impeller allowing the fan to run at the lowest possible RPM – typically less than 60% capacity. This achieves a noise criterion (NC) of less than 30 for the space and provides better humidity control for improved indoor air quality and comfort.

Component for energy efficiency

Reduces Energy Costs

Designed to consume the lowest amount of energy possible, OptiLine’s standard factory features reduce energy costs by 30 to 50% when compared to a typical fan coil system.

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