WSHP - Islandaire

EZ Series V8

City Cool Air, Inc

This appliance is intended for new construction or replacement of Climate Master 816 water source heat pumps. No field modification kits or builder renovations are required. Islandaire “The Perfect Fit” units are designed to exactly replace the original, existing chassis! Islandaire units are designed for optimal efficiency and reliability. This unit has the same connection locations, and by using the existing blower section and existing cabinet, time and money is saved! Please confirm that the electrical rating of this appliance matches the electrical supply available before beginning installation.

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  • Comfort & Dehumidification
    • Quiet operation
    • Intuitive digital or analog controls
    • Separate thermostat settings (limiting) for cooling and heating modes (digital only)
    • Samples the room temperature in intervals to monitor and maintain desired temperature
    • Optional constant fan mode for additional comfort options
  • Sound Reduction Technology
    • The quiet, efficient compressor is mounted on vibration isolators, which absorb vibration-causing noise
    • Permanently lubricated motor reduces noise
    • Internal walls insulated with acoustic lining
  • Commercial Grade Construction
    • Chassis is fabricated from heavy gauge galvanized steel for maximum durability
    • Freeze Protection initiates heat if room temperature falls below 50 °F in an unoccupied room
    • Indoor coil frost sensor protects the compressor
    • Permanently lubricated fan motors
  • Health and IAQ
    • Motorized fresh-air vent
    • Washable, antimicrobial filters
  • Energy Usage: Management
    • High energy efficient design
    • Set separate heat and cool range limits
    • Desk control ready
    • Energy Management System Compatible
  • Maintenance and Installation Features
    • Service error codes for quick diagnostics
    • Nationwide Service Network
    • Modular design and pop out wiring modules