PTAC - Islandaire

EZ Series 5R

City Cool Air, Inc

Islandaire EZ Series 5R is a replacement for Ice Cap 5R units. Our commercial duty construction with heavy gauge galvanized steel and superior components create an efficient reliable unit.This design eliminates the need for any interior or exterior renovation. Use of the existing wall sleeve-cabinet and louver saves time and money, two very important factors in today’s competitive environment! If the need does occur where the wall sleeve-room cabinet and/or louver needs to be replaced, we manufacture these accessories as well.

Available in cooling-only and cooling plus hydronic heat models

  • Cooling from: 7000-15000 Btu
  • Heating: 6800-15000 Btu
  • Comfort & Dehumidification
    • Quiet operation
    • Simple yet intuitive controls
    • The unit monitors room temperature and provides heat as needed (freeze protection)
    • Separate thermostat settings (limiting) for cooling and heating nodes
    • Samples the room temperature every 9 minutes to monitor and maintain desired temperature
    • Dehumidification removes up to 3.2 pts per hour
    • Optional constant fan mode for additional comfort options
    • The fan will not turn on until the unit’s heat exchanger has warmed up, eliminating the discomfort of cold air being brought into the room
  • Sound Reduction Technology
    • New fan design allows the indoor motor to run at slower speeds, which reduces indoor sound levels
    • The unit compressor is mounted on vibration isolators, which absorb vibration-causing noise
    • Permanently lubricated motors reduce noise
    • New tangential fan moves air over a wider area so it’s quieter
    • Fan turns on before the compressor starts to muffle the sound
    • High-density insulation helps keep outdoor noise outside
  • Durability
    • Advanced anti-corrosion protection protects the outdoor coil against deterioration and extends unit life, especially in harsh coastal environments
    • Steel front cover system which attaches securely
    • Room Freeze Protection initiates heat if room temperature falls to 40 °F in an unoccupied room
    • Overload on compressor protects its electrical systems
    • Indoor air sensor protects the compressor
    • Permanently lubricated fan motors
    • Tamper-resistant grille
    • Durable, powder coat paint finish
    • Life time warranty on the stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Health and IAQ
    • Fresh-air vent (motorized is optional)
    • Washable, antimicrobial filters
  • Energy Usage: Management
    • Set separate heat and cool range limits
    • Controls can integrate with most remote thermostat systems that are energy conscious
  • Maintenance and Installation Features
    • Service error codes
    • Reversible indoor air louvers
    • Improved weather barrier
    • Nationwide Service Network
    • Modular design and pop out wiring modules

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