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Dynaline 3

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Economical gas heat and high efficiency electric air conditioning for year-round savings and comfort.

Dynaline developed the first gas-fired package terminal air conditioner (PTAC) in 1985 called Dynaline. Now, in its 3rd generation design, Dynaline is a leading supplier to the senior housing industry as well as other small commercial markets.

The standard 42×16″ wall sleeve makes Dynaline 3 the right choice for new construction or direct replacement for other brands such as Island Aire. Gas (Natural or LP) connections can be inside or outside the room.

Each unit is individually controlled so comfort levels can be set for each room or zone. The top-mounted controls provide for High and Low speeds in both heating and cooling modes, plus a fan only mode. The Dynaline 3 can be controlled from the unit or from a wall thermostat.

The Dynaline 3 is available in four standard colors, plus stainless steel and in unlimited custom colors.

Dynaline 3 Standard colors:

  • Champaign Beige
  • Mesa Tan
  • White
  • Gray

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Four capacities are available, all operating efficiently and economically utilizing R410A refrigerant.


Provides a cooling capacity of 7,600 BTU/h along with 12,000 BTU/h of rated heating input.


Provides a cooling capacity of 9,500 BTU/h along with 12,000 BTU/h of rated heating input.


Provides a cooling capacity of 11,500 BTU/h along with 18,000 BTU/h of rated heating input.


Provides a cooling capacity of 15,000 BTU/h along with 20,000 BTU/h of rated heating input.

Dynaline 3 Accessories

The capabilities and/or aesthetic presentation of the standard Dynaline 3 system (Chassis, Standard Wall Sleeve & Grille) can be enhanced by application of one or more accessory kits.


Extended Wall Sleeves are available for exterior wall thicknesses greater than 14 1/2″ and less than/equal to 30 1/2″. Note: Rear Gas Hook-up is not applicable to Extended Wall Sleeves.


Three styles of exterior grilles are available to complement building aesthetics:

Standard Aluminum Grille

  • Unpainted grille of stamped, clear anodized aluminum. Protects the outdoor fan, coil and vent cap assembly. Designed for optional rear gas hook-up. Available in single pack or 20 pack.

Architectural Grille-Clear Aluminum

  • Aluminum-finished, architectural style grille of one-piece extruded aluminum, with anodized finish. Designed for optional rear gas hook-up. Available in single pack.

Architectural Grille-Bronze Aluminum

  • Bronze-finished, architectural style grille of one-piece extruded aluminum, with anodized finish. Designed for optional rear gas hook-up.

Note: Standard grilles install from within the building interior.

Important: Consult the manufacturer before using any other exterior grille or special exterior treatment. Application of non-Dynaline grille or exterior treatment may severely affect the operation of the Dynaline system, causing hazardous or unsatisfactory performance.


Non-load bearing, decorative sub-bases are available. The three-dimensional sub-bases span the width of Dynaline’s front cabinet assembly – 42″ and extend to a depth of 5″. Specify bases with heights ranging from 4″ to 12″.

Bases attach to the Dynaline 3 front cabinet assembly, concealing gas and electrical connections.

Decorative base conceals wires and connections


Leveling legs (optional; two each) are available to provide leveling and chassis support for installations that, because of wall thickness or chassis projection into the room, require additional support.

The adjusting screw can be extended 2″, with a maximum distance from the bottom of wall sleeve to screw base of 5″ and a minimum distance of 3″.

Leveling leg kit


The Air Discharge Package allows heating and cooling of an adjoining room. The basic Air Discharge Package consists of an Air Discharge Adaptor and Air Discharge Extension. Installation of the Air Discharge Connector(‘s)* extends the run length to a maximum of 130″.

*Air Discharge Connectors are not approved for DL3-0912 applications.

The adaptor is preassembled for air discharge to the right but can easily be converted for discharge to the left.

Air discharge package


Dynaline 3 chassis are manufactured for front gas hook-up. The optional rear gas hook-up kit can be used for field conversion of the chassis to a rear gas hook-up at the RH side (facing back of unit).

Note: Rear gas hook-up is not applicable to extended wall sleeve installations.

Rear gas hook-up


A pounds-to-inches regulator is available for Natural Gas applications.

2-PSIG Regulator Kit Diagram

2-PSIG Regulator Kit Diagram


A low voltage HEAT/COOL wall thermostat kit is available.

Note: Dynaline 3 chassis are supplied to operate with internal controls. They are easily converted to function in remote thermostat applications.

Wall thermostat