WSHP - Climate Master

Console Units – 0.75 to 1.5 tons

City Cool Air, Inc

The Tranquility Console (TRC) Series provides a high efficiency WSHP “ductless” solution for spaces where individual, quiet control of the heating and cooling system is important. Tranquility Console Series units are especially ideal where ceiling height and space are limited, or when preserving the integrity of an existing structure. The Tranquility Console Series exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 efficiencies, yet maintains small cabinet dimensions. Using EarthPure® (HFC-410A) refrigerant, the Tranquility Console Series not only protects the environment, it does so while delivering unprecedented comfort, efficiency, and reliability.

  • Sizes 09 (¾ ton, 2.6 kW) – 18 (1½ ton, 5.3 kW)
  • Environmentally-friendly EarthPure® (HFC-410A) zero ozone depletion refrigerant
  • 2-piece chassis/cabinet design
  • Slope top with aluminum rigid bar supply air grille & aluminum control door
  • TXV metering device
  • Extended range (20 – 120°F, -6.7 – 48.9°C) operation
  • Advanced digital auto or manual change-over unit mounted control with temperature display, speed selection & fault indication
  • Remote-mounted control available
  • Microprocessor controls standard (optional DXM &/or DDC controls)
  • LonWorks, BACnet, Modbus & Johnson N2 compatibility options for DDCcontrols
  • Right- or left-hand piping arrangement
  • Front or bottom return air
  • Unit Performance Sentinel monitoring system
  • 8 safeties standard
  • Wide variety of options including e-coated air coils & UltraQuiet construction
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